Don't look for your files, find them !

TagFlow improves your classification and simplifies the search for your files using an intelligent system with tags.

Preview of TagFlow application for Mac

Intuitive search

Enter one or two keyword to find exactly the file you are looking for.

Intelligent classification

Your documents are automatically sorted in the light of their content and characteristics.

Easy to use

Manage all your files in a simple, intuitive and efficient application.

No more duplicates

Duplicate files are transparently managed by TagFlow and only stored once.


Changes to your files are saved and you can restore older version if needed.


Your documents stay on your computer and are not copied to the cloud.

How does it work ?

TagFlow is a multiplatform application (compatible for Mac, Windows and Linux) that allows you to organize and find files on your computer through a system of smart tags.

Searching for files

To find a file, just searching for one or two keywords defining research. A proposal of suitable tags help you for the research.

To narrow the search, the system automatically suggests tags based on your classification and your search habits.

Add files

To add files to TagFlow, simply select the files you want to add. The system already assign certain tags based on file characteristics (document type, creation date, etc.), but also depending on the files you've already sorted on TagFlow.

You can specify the classification of your files if necessary.


TagFlow is now available in version BETA


The project TagFlow

The objective of this project to offer a complete solution to manage, sort, organize, save, share and archive digital documents with a concept of smart tags.


Full basic files manager with an intelligent tag system.
Cloud Sync
To allow you to sync your files with multiple devices, share specific content and to have a backup of your files.
Personal Storage
To improve confidentiality and reduce costs (no more monthly fees for cloud storages) we plan to distribute our own storage platform.
Next step !
Some exciting features like advanced sharing, specific features, decentralization, etc.

Business model

TagFlow the applications are free and will remain so. They provide a complete document management with intelligent tagging system.
Some additional features, but not essential for basic file management by tags will be proposed soon against payment.

Give us your opinion !

Help us build an application that best suits your needs by answering a few questions.


Feel free to send us the problems you face and your improvement ideas.



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